7 Reasons to Order Your Next Car from Hillview

May 14th, 2021 by

Things are changing in today’s vehicle purchasing landscape. The days of just running across a vehicle on a lot, that maybe you liked, but weren’t in love with but it was there are gone. With the current chip shortages and manufacturing issues at plants, dealerships are being shipped 1/4 of the inventory we were used.

Did you every think in your previous car purchases, “I wish this car had…”, well now, you can order your vehicle to your exact specifications. It is difficult to get over the idea of instant gratification and taking that vehicle home the same day you sign the paperwork. But to purchase and be able to customize every little thing in your new vehicle seems like a great idea! How many people build houses and personalize every little thing? Well, that is the future of car purchasing.

The benefits, which most consumers don’t realize, are that if you order, you receive priority shipping, save money, and lock in the current pricing. While dealerships are struggling to receive inventory and waiting. Your vehicle once it is ordered will start being built just for you.

So just to review, here are the 7 reasons you should order your next car:

  1. Personalize all your options
  2. Priority shipping
  3. Receive a better deal
  4. Save money!
  5. Lock in the current price
  6. Car specific for you from the factory
  7. You don’t have to pay for features you won’t use

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