2018 Ram 1500 Dashboard Symbol Guide

When you see a light pop up on your dashboard during your drives around the Jeannette and Delmont areas, it’s important to know what our Ram 1500 is trying to tell you. Often, taking the appropriate action in this instance can help to prevent potential mechanical issues.

To clear it up for our customers in the greater Greensburg area, Hillview Motors laid out some of the most common dashboard lights in this Ram 1500 Dashboard symbol guide.

Ram 1500 Dashboard Lights to Know

These dashboard lights will illuminate when there’s a possible issue with a vital engine or mechanical system that requires prompt attention.

Battery Charge Warning Light: This red light looks like the picture of a battery and indicates a possible problem with the electrical system that’s causing your battery to not charge properly. Contact your local Ram dealership as soon as possible.

Oil Pressure Warning Light: If you see a red picture of an oil can, the oil pressure is low. When you see this light, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so and turn off the engine. Contact a trained technician. It’s important to not operate your vehicle while this light is present.

Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light:  This dashboard symbol looks like a red dipstick being dipped in liquid. It means that your engine is overheating and may emit a continuous chime if your engine temperature reaches the upper limit. Pull over as soon as its safe, turn off the A/C and shift into the Neutral. If the temperature does not return to normal, stop the car and contact a certified Ram technician.

Engine Check/Malfunction Indicator Warning Light (MIL): The MIL is a yellow light in the shape of an engine. This light could mean a number of things, but if it’s flashing, it indicates a serious condition that may lead to immediate loss of power and catalytic converter damage. Pull over and contact a Ram dealership for assistance.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light: This dashboard light is a yellow exclamation mark surrounded by half-circles. It indicates low tire pressure or that slow pressure loss is occurring, resulting in decreased performance. Fill your tires with air to the recommend PSI as soon as possible.

Low Coolant Level Warning Light: a yellow image of a reservoir with liquid in it means that the coolant level is low. Have a trained professional add more as soon as possible.

Service 4WD Warning Light (if applicable): This dashboard symbol is a yellow light that says “SERV 4WD.” It means that the 4-wheel drive system is not functioning properly and should be serviced immediately to avoid decreased handling capabilities.

Transmission Temperature Warning Light: This yellow image of a dipstick in the center of a gear means that the transmission fluid temperature is running hot. This may sometimes occur from frequent towing. Pull over when it’s safe and shift the transmission into Park. Run the engine at idle or slightly higher until the light turns off.

Service your Ram 1500

If you’re driving your 2018 Ram 1500 and notice any of the dashboard symbols we explained in our guide or see a dashboard light we didn’t cover, reach out to the service center at Hillview Motors. Drivers in the Greensburg, Jeannette, and Delmont areas can use our convenient only portal to make their service appointment today!