Post-Accident Checklist


Sometimes, no matter how vigilant we are behind the wheel during our drives around the Greensburg, Jeannette, and Delmont areas, circumstances outside of our control may leave us dealing with the aftermath of a collision. At Hillview Motors, we understand that this can be a scary experience, so we want to help our local drivers be prepared and know exactly what to do if they experience an accident. Check out our post-accident checklist to learn the steps to follow immediately after a collision.

1. Take a Deep Breath

The moments following an accident can be overwhelming. Your adrenaline is pumping, you may feel dazed or angry, or you might just be confused and frazzled. Immediately following an accident, take a second to breathe. This brief pause can center you and get you ready to handle what comes next.

2. Pull Over

Even if the accident in question is a minor fender-bender, you’re still required to pull over and assess the situation. If your car is still operational, move it out of the flow of traffic to allow other cars by. Move to the right shoulder of the highway, or to a nearby parking lot.

3. Check for Injuries

Check yourself for injuries first and then check on any passengers. If your car is equipped with a post-collision system like OnStar®, you may receive a call from a trained advisor who can assist you in calling for help. If not, use your phone to call 9-1-1 to request an ambulance if necessary.

4. Call the Police

It’s almost always a good idea to have the police involved after an accident. Not only can they help calm down any aggravated or agitated drivers, but they can also provide evidence of the scene and create a police report, which you can present to your insurance company. If it’s a minor accident, the police may not be dispatched to your location, so complete a police report with the department where the accident occurred as soon as possible.

5. Document the Scene

If you have a smartphone, you can use it to take pictures of the scene as evidence for your insurance company later. Be sure to take a picture of the other car(s) and their license plates. Also get the police report number and a copy of the report for your records.

6. Exchange Information

Speak to the other drivers involved in the accident and exchange names, contact information, and insurance information.

7. DON’T Admit Fault

While waiting for emergency responders and exchanging information, it’s very important that you don’t admit fault. It can be tempting to want to be polite and apologize, but doing so may be seen as an admission of fault. This may affect your insurance claim.

8. Report an Insurance Claim

Even if it’s a minor accident, it’s a good idea to submit an insurance claim. Your insurance provider will communicate with the police and the other driver’s insurance company to determine how they will assist with repairs and recovery.

Question about our Post-Accident Checklist?

We hope we were able to help you better understand what to do following an accident in the Greensburg, Jeannette, and Delmont areas. Remember to drive safely and feel free to contact the team at Hillview Motors if you have any questions about our post-accident checklist. Contact us today!