3 Creative Ways to Enjoy Your RAM 1500 Truck Bed This Summer!

July 30th, 2019 by

Whether you opted for the Limited, Long Horn, or Rebel edition, your 2019 RAM 1500 has a tough and versatile truck bed. We here at Hillview Motors are confident you already put the bed to good use hauling, but we have a few other ideas on how you can utilize the truck bed even more!

The RAM 1500 could haul cement blocks all day, but tonight transform the bed from a block hauler to a blockbuster! Grab some old blankets and pillows and head down to your local drive-in Movie Theater; with a 76.3-inch bed, you even have room to invite the neighbors.

Summer heat have you feeling wilted? Grab a few friends, a fresh tarp, and prepare to create a pool that rivals the heavily edited photos your “influencer” cousin posts! Just because water is dense does not mean you are as well; check to make sure your truck can handle the additional weight. Once you are clear on any weight restrictions, carefully line your truck bed with the tarp. Be sure the tarp is free from any holes as excess water could lead to rust later on in the car’s lifecycle. With a sturdy tarp in place, slowly begin to fill your RAM truck bed and watch it transform into a water bed!

Do you have a yearning to sleep out under the stars, but the uneven ground crawling with critters have you thinking twice about camping? Fear not, for the RAM 1500 has a running ground clearance of 8.5 inches and will keep you safely out of reach of the insects. Dust off that old air mattress and prepare to make a very literal meaning of your truck bed.

Visit us at Hillview Motors in Greensburg, PA to discover new specials on RAM 1500 models. We look forward to hearing all about how your summer adventures go while adding some versatility to your truck bed!