Questions to Ask Your Jeep® Mechanic Before and After Service

June 4th, 2021 by

Jeep Service

Preparing for your first Jeep® service appointment and not sure what to expect? We’ve outlined questions to ask your Jeep mechanic before and after your appointment at Hillview Motors so you’re prepared. After all, routine maintenance is crucial in getting the most out of your new Jeep SUV or truck.

What to Ask Before Your Service Appointment

While routine maintenance is key, it’s also a great time to address any questions or concerns you might have about your vehicle’s performance. You’ll want to be prepared with those questions before you visit and a few other important questions to ask.

  • Why is my vehicle doing this thing/making this sound/producing this smell? (if it is acting unusually)
  • What type of maintenance does my vehicle need?
  • Can you give me a recommended maintenance plan?

Of course, there are additional questions to keep in mind if your vehicle requires repairs.

  • What type of repairs does my vehicle need?
  • How much will these repairs cost?
  • How long will these repairs take?

What to Ask After Your Service Appointment

Once your appointment is over, there are still other questions to keep in mind.

  • When should I come in for my next maintenance appointment?
  • Did you notice anything unusual in my vehicle inspection?
  • Do you recommend any additional repairs or part replacements for my vehicle?
  • Is there anything you recommend to help me increase the lifespan of my vehicle?

These are just a few talking points for you to consider during your Jeep service appointment. The trained professionals at our Jeep dealership in Greensburg, PA are highly skilled in caring for Jeep vehicles and will always be upfront with you about your Jeep SUV and any issues they may see. We want you to get the most out of your vehicle!

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